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幸运飞行艇开奖查询结果-168计划开奖历史 Recent Recommendations for Policymakers

Our global network of scholars provides decisionmakers with actionable recommendations for addressing the world’s biggest challenges. Find some of the latest policy ideas below.

The United States and India’s Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technologies (iCET) offers a basis for collaboration on critical and emerging technologies. Thus far, the framework has helped to deepen technological and strategic ties between the United States and India. Konark Bhandari, Arun Singh, and Rudra Chaudhuri argue that leaders must broaden the iCET’s horizons to establish truly sustainable cooperation.

Read the full set of recommendations in “India and the United States’ Good Bet: One Year of the U.S.-India Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technology (iCET)"

Climate change poses a serious challenge to the United States’ nuclear capabilities. Environmental changes and crises may seriously affect how the United States conducts its nuclear deterrence mission. Jamie Kwong explains these risks and recommends how the United States can better prepare.

Read the full set of recommendations in “How Climate Change Challenges the U.S. Nuclear Deterrent”

Although the timeline for Ukraine’s accession to NATO remains unclear, the country’s security and sovereignty cannot hang in the balance. Eric Ciaramella proposes an interim vision for Ukraine’s long-term security that would involve codified commitments from the West to train and equip the Ukrainian armed forces, share intelligence, rebuild the country’s defense industrial base, and move Ukraine gradually toward European Union membership.

Read the full set of recommendations in “Envisioning a Long-Term Security Arrangement for Ukraine”